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SVC Athletic Department Policies and Procedures

SVC Athletics Policies and Procedures


The Interscholastic Athletic Department at Saddleback Valley Christian School is dedicated to the academic, athletic, and spiritual development of every student athlete. Along with sport-specific instruction to produce success in the athletic arena, our coaching staff strives to build strong character as they encourage and prepare their student athletes to be Christian leaders impacting their communities for the Kingdom.


Athlete’s Code of Conduct

Athletes will be expected to:

  1. Commit to be a positive role model on campus.

  2. Be positive and encouraging to teammates.

  3. Strive for success in the classroom.

  4. Show respect to those in authority.

  5. Be dependable to teammates and coaches.

  6. Treat visiting teams as guests.

  7. Accept defeat graciously and enjoy victory with humility.

  8. Dress as part of a team and not as a standout.

  9. Be responsible for all equipment that is checked out to you.

  10. And remember that people are always watching the athletes.


Athlete Eligibility

Eligibility standards are set by the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) which is the governing body for high school sports in the state. The following is a short list of eligibility guidelines.

  1. Academic eligibility checks will be conducted on the Friday following the end of each 9-week grading period. A MINIMUM GRADE POINT AVERAGE OF 2.0 is required by CIF in order to participate in athletics.

  2. Being excused from class for athletic contests does not excuse a student athlete from assignments or related work.

  3. Students or parents who knowingly fail to provide complete and accurate information regarding eligibility will be declared ineligible for participation in any sport for one year after the date of discovery.


Warrior Parent Code of Ethics

In order to support our athletes and coaches at Saddleback Valley Christian High School, the following “SVC Parent Code of Ethics” has been established. Our coaching staff sees it as a great privilege to work with their players on a daily basis. In order to accomplish the team goals, we ask our parents to participate in the following ways: 

  1. Please help in our attempt to positively represent Christ at our game locations. We encourage you to be a great verbal support to our team, but NOT demeaning to the other team or the game officials (even if the other team, or the other team’s parents, are not doing it the right way). ALSO...please make only encouraging comments to your son/daughter’s teammates as well. 

  2. Please do your best to have your son/daughter to practices or games on time. We understand that “things happen” from time to time, but consistent punctuality is very much appreciated. Our coaches will also be committed to starting and finishing their practices on time! 

  3. We love having great parent support! We do, however, ask that our parents allow our coaches to do their jobs without distraction. Here are some requests: 

    1. If you attend a practice session, please do not give any instructions to your son or daughter during that time. They need to be focused on the instruction of their coaches. Please stay away from the game field or court in a place where you can watch, but not be a distraction to what the coaches are trying to accomplish. 

    2. Our coaches want to be approachable and communicate well with our parents. If you need to talk to the coach, please do NOT do so during practice time. This time is set aside for the entire team. The best thing to do is to communicate with the coach and schedule a good time for both of you to meet. If it is a game day, please do not approach the coach during his/her pre-game time with the players or immediately after the game. Allow the coach to finish his/her coaching responsibilities and then set up a time. NOTE: If you are angry about something, please give it a day or two before contacting the coach (24 Hour Rule). 

    3. During the games, please do not “coach” your son or daughter from the stands or sidelines. It is very important that our players focus on what the coaches want them to do. Be the “encourager”, but not the “coach” during game times. 

    4. PLAYING TIME DISCUSSIONS should be held between the PLAYER and the COACH. It is important for our high school student/athletes to learn to deal with this issue. 

    5. If your son/daughter has any special needs (physical, emotional or academic), please communicate this clearly to your coach so that he/she can help him/her best adapt to their athletic situation. 

    6. Along with playing time, other items that are NOT APPROPRIATE for a parent to discuss with a coach include team strategy, play calling, roster placement, and other student athletes.


Chain of Command

The Saddleback Valley Christian Athletic Department follows the chain of command listed below. We ask that you observe the order of this line of communication if you elect to pursue any concerns regarding the athletic program. The athletic department preference, of course, is that the student-athlete talk to their coach first.

  1. Head and/or Assistant Coach 

  2. Assistant AD in charge of the sport

  3. Athletic Director/Principal

  4. Head of School



Student athletes must attend required try-outs in order to be considered for a roster spot in any program. If try-outs are not necessary, the coach will submit the roster to the athletic director within the first three days of official practice. The coach and his/her staff will select rosters based on the development of the athletes as well as the program as a whole. 


Sports Fees

Participation fees for each sport are determined by the projected budget and participation for the coming season. Once the official rosters have been submitted to the athletic director, the athlete has five days to decide if they would like to make the commitment. If the athlete chooses to discontinue playing the sport after this period, there will be no refund of the fee.


Athlete Registration

Prior to participating in ANY workout, practice, or game whether in-season or off-season, every athlete must be cleared through the following website: Included in this process is completed athletic physical and clearance by a doctor. Parents will be required to complete liability waivers as well as athlete code of conduct and transportation approvals.